The stages of incoming

Having lived on Lewis for 13 years this January 2020, I’m starting to recognise some common behaviours of those ‘newly moved’. There are certain things that we all do when we first arrive on these very special islands:

Renovate an old croft-house and embrace renewables


Invite all your friends to visit (they will only come once, its too far/cold/different and they were sick on the ferry)

Decide to live off the land and not be owned by the man, so

Get green fingers


Cut some peat

Get some chickens and put an old bath in the garden

possibly hatch some of your own

Quickly progress to other animals….that then escape and cause havoc with your new neighbours.

Buy a boat, or 2, or 3…

Discover life beyond the land, and land dwellers….


Live happily ever after. Yes, its true, these are common stages to all incomers.