A work friend of mine has recently moved buildings. Being hailed as a newly arranged  ‘public sector hub’ they are now required to hot-desk, packing their things away into a drawer at the end of every day.  (The hub building is well known for being over occupied by the Education Services department of the local council, so it is not a co-incidence that some of their school ways have transferred over)

The delay in any new blog posts is partly due to my own situation of hot-desking at home. Its an excuse I know, just as is:

Cant find my glasses

Too tired

Just need to do this first

I don’t have anything to say…

etc etc procrastination has an answer for everything…. in my case I think I’m just lazy.


So the Christmas break from paid employment has given me a wonderful resource to play with – time. I love to feel it stretch out in front of me, a huge expanse that I can slot anything into. I can tidy at my own pace, plan to read (and then not), think about cooking instead of just produce it, organise the things that make life better when time disappears again. I love it when time is MY OWN.

So this Christmas I have started to prepare for when I can go back to how we used our time when we first moved to Lewis. I used to joke that I had never worked as hard when I had a job.  Every moment was filled, but not every moment was filed. At paid employment you feel guilty if every second is not actively ‘working’. With unpaid employment of your own everything is connected, not compartmentalised, so even time spent on the sofa thinking, is still productive. (Most people aren’t paid to think, they’re paid to do, even if the doing is thinking task. It may be for the boss, for the team, or for the cause.)

So hopefully I will share some of these dreams for MY OWN employment here – this will certainly give me something to say, so long as I can find my glasses and put a wash on first….


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