If you don’t know where to start, just start

This phrase got me through the exhausting years of having young children and still stands up as a fundamental truth and mantra now. Though it was usually used when needing to tidy the house, life can can also, often, need a lot of tidying.

This photo actually featured on CBBC , they were obviously so impressed with the level of tidying avoidance

So at last, I’m back to the blog and hoping to keep things light and complete-able. It seems when you try and get clever, you suffer from procrastination. The solution is to start with something easy and who knows, you may find brilliance along the way. Baby steps, as they say.

For more advice on how to overcome procrastination, see this blog.

Just do it


Another year and still #notwriting. But finding other ways to be creative πŸ™‚ 🎡🎢🎼🎧


It really is time I got back to writing again. I like it, it’s fun, it does me good. But transferring from a laptop to a phone means using an app now and that teeny tiny on screen keyboard. Not to mention the predictive text! Don’t get me started on predictive text!!!?! What does current Ai think us humans are trying to say?! It is surely just taking the p#@? and robbing us of our own unique voices. Stop squeezing us into the same box….. Oh no… See I started…. Anyway, here’s some hope for a fulfilling and satisfying future full of enlightening writing experiences.